Terang Races

The Town of Terang

The small town of Terang can be found on the Corangamite Shire – a part of the state of Victoria, Australia. It is easy to find on the Princes Highway coming in the south west direction leading out of the capital city of Melbourne. According to a survey conducted in the year 2006, the population of Terang was less than 3000 people.

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The region of Terang is a sparsely populated area. Five years ago, the population of the town was so sparse that a survey conducted in 2001 revealed that 1800 people were living in the city. But the town does have some things which are popular and are known to be famous in the entire state area.

Australian Rules football remains the most popular activity and past time for all the Australian sports lovers and similar is the case with Terang as well. The small town is also involved in the Australian Rules football as they have their own team known as the Terang-Mortlake. The team has been taking part in a number of events all across the country but primarily take part in the Hampden Football League.

History of Terang

A brief history of the small town of Terang speaks volumes about the local settlers who had an aboriginal background and were the first people to have lived in the area. This was probably a time which dates back to thousands of years and they were known as the Djargurd Wurrung people. Then came the European settlers from the British colonial times and started trading in the cattle and sheep business.

At the time, these European settlers were not welcomed by the aboriginal settlers and many skirmishes were witnessed between the two sides. The recent history of the town of Terang dates back to the year 1850 when the township area was constructed and the area was given the status of a town by the local government. The year 1859 saw the town of Terang get its very own post office which marked the arrival of the town on Australia’s map.

There are many other facilities available in the town which also include railway service which was developed as part of a strategy to connect the town to other parts of the country with regards to trading purposes. Beautiful trees have been grown all across the town and which remain a tourist attraction to many Australian’s and foreigner alike.

The Heritage Trail walk is one of the most visited places in the town and remains a heritage site for the city of Terang. Many historic buildings and trees have been established on the trail which is a site to watch. Many historic buildings such as the war memorial of the wars fought between the aboriginal tribes of the area against the European settlers, the town’s first church which was built in the early part of the 18th century and the first post office building all lie on the very same trail.

Thus the trail experience goes a long way at explaining the struggle for the development of the town of Terang and has great importance to the local population as well. One might not expect a golf course in this small town but it’s true – the town of Terang boasts of an 18-hole golf course as well which is found right next to the entrance of the town.

Sports and Horse Racing in Terang

Their used to be a lake in the city premises as well but now it has dried up to great extents and the area has been used for many sports activities. The city is also involved with a number of sports activities which include, cricket, golf, pony riding, croquet and horse racing.

All the mentioned sports have their own particular clubs and residents are free to register themselves with any of the sports activities in the region. But the most widely accepted sport which has a historical aspect to the local population is horse riding and the Terang and District Racing Club is its evidence.

The horse racing club is a prominent tourist site to visit as well as the club arranges 8 races during the year which also include the coveted Terang Cup. This cup is arranged in the month of March and thus, a higher number of tourists throng this small town close to Melbourne to enjoy the carnival of horse racing and the scenic beauty of the town at the same time.

The Terang Harness Racing Club on the other hand has its own meetings which are conducted to train and develop the local horse racing talents of Terang. These meetings are held on a regular basis which allows the locals to interact with the horse trainers and jockeys to better understand the sport of horse racing.

There’s also a lot of history involved with the Terang Racecourse as it was built in the late 19th century – but horse racing dates back to the year 1859 when the first horse racing were conducted in the city of Terang. The Terang Racing Club came into existence in the year 1868 and the city has been hosting horse racing as part of its social calendar since a very long time.

The city has its own New Years Race Day as well which includes a number of activities for the children and women a like. It is a completely relaxing event and families visit the event in large numbers. Once can easily make their way to the horse racing club as a train leaves from the city of Melbourne everyday.

The total track circumference is nearly 2000 metres and the length of the straight is measured at a length of 400 metres. The course is flat and has a very spacious straight for the horses to run. With a fully irrigated water system, the turf of the track is lush green – which makes it a completely eye catching event for the people who visit it.

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